• Learn more about me at my re.vu page.
  • As both a biologist and an educator, I consider myself an educationalist. Within that role, I rely on the body of research that exists in education research as my background on designing courses, setting classroom goals and working backward from there to produce the best possible learning experience. One in which students are actively involved, feel free to discuss the material being covered and are developing critical thinking skills and the ability to ask and answer more and more complex questions.
  • I strive to produce a welcoming environment, where students from diverse backgrounds can learn effectively. Without such an environment, not all students are well served. By focusing strong attention on the needs of the few, research has shown that not only does it improve results for minority students, students from the majority do just as well and learn to value the diverse population that they will encounter in the workplace.
  • My primary area of laboratory research interest revolves around the use of anticancer drugs to induce cell cycle arrest, followed by the addition of low toxicity compounds to alter arrest and cell killing. I am also developing a student-based undergraduate interdisciplinary research program, wherein alternative medicine treatments are examined and tested for impurities and contaminants, including heavy metals.

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