Of Noses and Nerves

So I have had nosebleeds since college. For no reason at all, I would just start gushing. It was like I was a character in an anime, confronted with a lust-inspiring image (nosebleeds are very weakly connected to high blood pressure (which I don’t have) and probably not at all to sexual arousal). This isn’t usually a problem as I can just pinch my nose closed and after a couple of minutes, the bleeding stops. The bleed occurs in the front of my nose, so it is an anterior nosebleed. If it happened deeper in the nose, it would be a posterior nosebleed, and pinching wouldn’t help. If either type of nosebleed won’t stop, go to see a doctor. In fact, posterior nosebleeds often require some kind of hospital visit, and likely will need admission. These can be very serious, especially in the elderly. A neat little micro tidbit for you, and one that med students need to be aware of is that the iron in blood, if it is freed from dying cells, is like bacterial fertilizer. Iron is one of those nutrients that is rate limiting for bacterial growth. Your body does a good job keeping iron sequestered, and it has been suggested that this was an early evolutionary step to keep iron away from potentially unfriendly bacteria.

I had put up with this situation for long enough and made an appointment to get something done about it. I was pretty sure about what I could expect, some form of cauterization of the suspect tissue.

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