BlagHag Blogathon

Jen McCreight at BlagHag is getting ready for another Blogathon, making this her third annual fund raiser for a great student organization, the Secular Student Alliance. Once an hour, for twenty-four hours, starting 7am PST this Saturday (July 23, 2011), she will be putting up a new post. This won’t be autoposting, but an exercise in Jen driving herself insane.

Run over and donate before midnight tonight if you want to see what Jen has to say about a topic you choose, if you pitch in some serious change, of course.

Though this year I’ll start a new incentive: The people who make the top ten largest donations before 12:01am on Friday the 22nd will get to request a topic they want me to write about.

I’m assuming that the cutoff point for this will be PST, since Jen is enjoying Seattle’s weather, which I am certain is better than Lexington’s right now, so you may still have some time. And if you donate five dollars or more , you will be put in a raffle for one of eight autographed copies of Michael Shermer’s The Believing Brain. I don’t know when the cutoff for that raffle will be.

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