Caturday’s common ancestor #2

PZ Myers is continuing to wage war against Caturday. OK, nudibranches are quite gorgeous, but not exactly cuddly. Those scavenged cnidocytes can make for a bad day for nudibranch snugglers. Think of slugs, but all dressed up and with a whole ocean for having fun (link to the video).

Continuing as a cat / non-cat accommodationist, how far apart are nudibranches (the specific one shown munching away at a Portuguese man o’ war in the video is a blue dragonGlaucus atlanticus)   and housecats (Felis catus / Felis domesticus)? This is a painful one. They are very far apart, as one would expect for members of different phylums.

Timetree didn’t recognize the species, but it knew the family Glaucidae, and here is the time to most recent common ancestor

782.7 Million Years Ago (or worse, as much as 910mya). Precambrian, late proterozoic… Um. Hey it isn’t as far back as cats and catnip, right?

I’m concerned that this cat / not cat is driving us away from what should be our real focus, which is that we shouldn’t trust those weird prokaryotes. No nucleus, no way. Cats have cells with nuclei, which is fine by me.


Caturday’s common ancestor #1

PZ Myers decided some time ago to wage war against Caturday by posting things that are not cats. This past Saturday, he brought out the big guns, baby red pandas. Ouch.

Well, I’m feeling a bit accommodationist, so I thought I’d start something new. After all, red pandas (Ailurus fulgens) and housecats (Felis catus / Felis domesticus) aren’t that far apart, right?

So I plugged the in to Time Tree and here are the results.

Just 55.7 million years. See, not that different after all. Can’t we all just get along? Think of the kittens.