The life of the incoming freshman

Its their first time away from home for more than a week. They have run through all their clothes, and it is time to brave… the coin operated laundromat. How do you keep from stepping on toes? Is there a code of conduct? Why yes there is. Some of it is obvious, don’t be rude stuff. Other parts require that you think ahead, have enough quarters and sort your load before you get there.

Should you wait to for your freshmen to come to you to ask you, their adviser or professor, for help?

Well, you could do that, or you could take the initiative and send useful information to them by way of email, or set up a website with useful links like local bus schedules, or even more importantly, an explanation of what terms like “best if used by” on food mean.Even if students have a meal plan, they may have a mini-fridge with some milk, lunch-meat, cheese, etc, or they may have stopped by the student center/union, grabbed some food and squirreled it away for later. Helping students stretch their food budget while keeping them from making themselves sick? Not only is that good for you, but building the self esteem of new students and improving their first year experience is priceless.

Students with less outside stress perform better, learn more, are happier, and all of these contribute to a major goal of any institution of higher education… retention.

Teach on.


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