Comment policy

What Jen said.

I usually won’t moderate comments, except if those comments are:

  • Spam
  • Hateful, abusive, or threatening
  • Trolling or thread derailing
  • Evangelizing or godbotting
  • Mindbogglingly stupid

With the exception of spam and threats, I only ban repeat offenders.

So far, I have only had close to a thousand spam comments, which have all been caught by Askimet.

Does this mean that people expressing religious beliefs will find their comments unwelcome? Obviously not. But if you post a string of verses from your personal holy book without commentary, you will find your comment deleted. Express yourself, show that you can pass the Turing Test, and I’ll likely even respond. If asked for scientific evidence, don’t respond with a verse.

If I ask you to restate your comment, it is probably because you are on the edge of mindbogglingly stupid territory. If I respond with a link to, do yourself a favor and read what I have linked to. Show some intellectual curiosity.


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